Air Drying / Pre-Cooking

  • Perfectly controlled warm air drying to maintain the freshness of our vegetables
  • State of the art steam blanching and pre'cooking equipment which controls the requested cooking time from instant to 20 minutes
Air Drying / Pre-Cooking

Freeze Drying

  • Fresh vegetables are frozen straight after the harvest
  • By maintaining deep vacuum, moisture from the raw material is sublimated into vapor
  • Frozen vegetables, Herbs and Pulses are freeze dried throughout the year according to our customer needs
  • Attractive appearance in dry form
  • Instant
  • Floatability (>95%)
Freeze Drying


  • An Elchais patented technology
  • Products are cooked for a very short time at high pressure, then released to the vacuum
  • Instant characteristics
  • Floatability (>90%)
  • Low microbiology
  • Texture and taste (toasting) adjustable

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